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About Vastu Shashtra

Vaastu Shastra is based on five energies e.g. EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR & SPACE. These five energies are INVISIBLE but very strong, so much that even God’s made it statutory that their temples should be made on the basis of this science. In this mythological science all these energies have been given their placements they have also referred to nine planets. The myths say that all building structures should be a square or a rectangle because, the architects and engineers than believed that, a building structure is a like human body & there can not be a dismemberment of any corner in the building. It is like, a HUMAN BEING not having a hand is supposed to be a handicap, like wise they say dismemberment in a structure is a handicap. To support this myth they have also provided a guideline through inserting a theory of Vaastu Purush (a God who sleeps upside down in a structure with his head in the north-east corner and his feet in the south-west corner.) As the head of the Vaastu Purush is in the north-east, a dismemberment of the structure in the north-east corner will be diagnosed as a structure in “COMA” because, the head is missing in the building structure similarly any dismemberment will result in a particular handicap.

Why Vaastu?

A business man says he has got two industries out of which one is profit making the other is loss making. He has the same attitude, same clients, same product and same horoscope orientation; still he is making loss in one of the industries. Astrologically you can not say his half Saturn or half Venus is good and the rest half is not good. It is very simple that the Vaasthu of one industry is good and the other is not.

A father of a girl goes to an astrologer to ask “when will my daughter get married?” .The answer is say February 97, but the marriage does not take place, he is then given an another date say august 97… like wise dates come and go but the marriage does not take place even until she is 28 years of age. Technically speaking astrology was not wrong but the fact remains that the marriage also did not take place; the reason is that, the Vaastu of this girl was not supporting her.A lady says I am married for 11 years and I do not have a child. Astrologically the view point is that she and her husband both should be having a child since long. The medical reports of both have always been positive, however the fact is that she does not have child because again the Vaastu of this lady does not support her.



Mercury is the ruling planet of the north direction. Lord Kuber also happens to be placed in the north. Lord Kuber is the God of wealth as a result people who sit more in the north direction of their offices or sleep in the bed rooms that are in the north direction will tend to be thinking about everything in terms of money. Also people who faced the north direction while sitting in their offices will prove to be more focused towards profit making.It is always good to face north if you are a business man.


Sun is the ruling planet of the east direction. Sun is the pointer of life, popularity & good will. It is also a pointer of spiritual elevation. Any person who faces east is mostly going to think with his head but will also consider as to what his heart also suggests. They are more sensitive in terms of dealing with people. They are also more worried about their name and fame. They are also God fearing. Studying of the children should be laid out in such a way that the child faces east while studying. It should ensure that while cooking one should face east. All consultants must face east while in their offices.


The ruling planet of south is mars. The Lord of death, Lord Yama is also placed in south. Mars is the fastest moving planet and has a tendency to give very fast results. It is supposed to be a negative direction of the building structure, however in Vaastu there are no such things like a bad direction. However there are bad and good ‘Padas’ (Entries in the particular direction – location). The problem with the South direction is that, it has only one Pada which is positive. This Pada can be found out by a simple method. Divide the length of south ie. From south-east to south-west in to nine parts and the fourth part from south-east is the best location for the entry either from the plot and or from the building. It is not good to face south under any circumstances for a long time because the Lord Yama has a tendency to give you negative thoughts.


The ruling planet of west is Saturn. Lord Varuna is also placed there. Saturn is the slowest moving planets among all the nine. Therefore it is a pointer of slow growth or slow down fall in life. Saturn is a planet who is strongly a supporter and propagator of norms, values and ethics. As a result it is very important if your house is facing west direction you must live your life according to the likings of Lord Saturn.

If you face west while in your office you are never going to show hundred percent efficiency, because Saturn is facing you and he is surely going to make you slow.

NOTE: Every Pada in North, East, South or West is not good or not bad. Please refer to the Para on Padas to find out which Pada is good or bad in a particular direction.

Earth [South –West Corner / Nairutya]

The energy of earth is placed in the south-west corner and is also the corner of the planet known as Rahu. According to Hindu mythology Rahu is the king of demons. The characteristics of Rahu are to bring negativity. The symbol of Rahu is head of the snake. Coming back to energy of Earth, it is a symbol of stability because like said above it is only this planet that has gravitational force. If you were on moon, because of no gravity on moon you will have to hold something to move from place to place, otherwise you may go haywire. Similarly any distortion in the corner of south-west (Earth) will lead to instability. A perfect ninety degree south-west corner in the structure is a source of stability.

Water [North-East Corner / Ishan]

Every Vaastu consultant would like to highlight the water energy immensely more so because Jupiter, Water and the Head of Vaastu Purush, ALL are in the north-east corner but by highlighting the waterenergy I would probably damage the importance of the other energies. For me all energies are equally powerful and important

Fire [South-East Corner / Agni]

The energy of fire is a symbol of health and life span. It is placed with Venus – the planet. This planet Venus is a symbol of glamour, luxury, micro efficiency and also beauty. Indirectly he is also a pointer of fame and money. It is placed in the south-east corner the kitchen in the south-east corner cooking, while facing east is supposed to be the best placed.

Air [North – West Corner / Vayavya]

Needless to say AIR is MOVING and never STATIC anything that comes in the way of AIR must move further. This energy is placed in the corner of north-west. The planet MOON is also placed in north-west corner. This planet is a symbol of temperament and mother.