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Vastu Consultantation


We are available for both personal and commercial consultations. A professional Vastu analysis and consultation by Vastu Design experts will: Identify negative energies and placements that cause bad health, stress and general discord. Provide practical solutions, advice and tools that can help you correct the existing defects and restore the natural balance and tranquillity of your living or working space. A typical consultation for an existing property:


 Initial Visit :

A Vastu Design consultant will arrange for an initial visit to your home. He will do a short presentation on the basic principles of Vastu, which will help you understand how your life is influenced by your living and working environment. After that you will have a relatively good idea of the Vastu potential of your property. He will also show you samples of the standard consultation reports provided by Vastu Design. Taking all of that into consideration, you can decide if you would like to have your home or office analysed by our team. At this stage, there is no obligation to take it further.

  Property Survey  :

Property Survey Should you decide to proceed, a Vastu Design consultant will then survey your property, which takes around an hour for a typical 3 bedroom house. He will then take the survey to our office and carefully work on a report. All aspects will be precisely calculated and examined according to the traditional Vastu principles. He may call you during that time if any additional information is required.


 Consultation & Solution :

After the report is completed, a Vastu Design consultant will visit you again. He will spend a few hours with you, taking you through the report and answering all of your questions. He will discuss with you possible solutions until you agree on the one that suits you the most.

Service Support :

Vastu Design will provide you with full service support – you can contact us at any time afterwards and we will be glad to advice you further or clarify anything related to the property analysed, without any additional charge. Important: If you can obtain the floor plans of the property prior to the visit, it will save a lot of time and the report will be more accurate. You can get them from your lawyer or estate agent.